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  1. Before he gets up he grabs a fresh pair of socks which he puts on the bedside locker before he goes to sleep. He puts the socks on, heads to the kitchen and fills half a litre of water into an old pot to boil for the cup of tea he drinks every morning.
    He burned his feet when he was 12 years old. His mother was boiling half a litre of water, as every morning – on that day he asked why, since it was always too much. As usual she did not react, so he filled up the pot to make her aware of his presence. When his mother detected his intervention she got furious and screamed at him. Deeply frightened he lifted the pot to pour away his question. It was too heavy.

    Long story short I (storm in a teacup)


  2. All you can do is laugh when tears mix with coconut flakes,
    and the bread crumbs from today's breakfast toast,
    and the bread crumbs from all the previous toasts.
    When you realise that you're sharing your life with an ordinary blank plate. 
    And one day you think: today I'm gonna treat myself to something great - then
    all you can do is laugh when your tears get mixed with coconut flakes.

    Long story short II (coconut flakes)


  3. Es war dreimal vor langer Zeit.                                                       
    Und wenn es nicht gewesen wär, so würde es noch heute.          

    Und die Moral von der Geschicht: fürchte dich des Lebens nicht.

    Long story short III (Märchen)